Bay-O-Net Assembly
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Bay-O-Net Assembly

Zhejiang ENOCH electric co.,ltd as one of the manufacturers of Bay-O-Net Assembly in China, including domestic and foreign power bureaus. When the customer confirms, we will carry out production. If have any quality problems, we will solve it. Our aim is to be honest, have sincerity and promise, harmonious and altruistic,that is why the customers choose and believe us.

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Product Description

Zhejiang ENOCH electric co.,ltd Bay-O-Net Assembly are used to protect transformers, switchgear, and distribution systems. They are designed for use in oil filled (or approved equivalents) Installation single phase and three phase pad-mount transformers, switchgear, and submersible transformers. The assemblies combine the easel of hotstick operation with the safety of deadfront construction. When the inner fuse cartridge holder assembly is removed from a Enoch Bayonet Fuse Holder installed on a pad-mounted transformer (or other apparatus), the transformer is electrically disconnected. 

Bay-O-Net Assembly also allows for convenient fuse element and cartridge inspection and replacement. When using appropriate safety procedures, the Enoch Bayonet Fuse assembly can be loadbreak operated for disconnecting the transformer from the energized line, making changes to dual voltage or tap charger switches, or working on the transformer's secondary connections. Two options are available on the sidewall mounted Bayonet Fuse assembly.

1. A flapper valve is available inside the upper portion of the outer tube. This flapper valve closes when the inner fuse cartridge assembly is removed. This results in minimal oil leakage from the transformer tank during fuse link replacements, especially when the pressure relief valve fails to remove all built up pressure inside the transformer tank. This reduces potential risk of environmental damage due to oil escaping from the transformer. It also reduces potential oil contamination to the rubber cable accessories mounted on the transformer. The flapper valve also reduces potential spillage due to pad tilting, or during installation and/or replacement of the transformer, when tilting of the transformer is likely to occur.

2.The standard Zhejiang ENOCH electric co.,ltd Bay-O-Net Assembly includes copper contacts for connection to the transformer. High ampere bayonet fuse links with high ampere fuse links, allow the fusing or lager kV transformers. Enoch Bayonet Fuse Holders are designed to be used with Current Sensing, Dual Sensing, and Dual Element fuse links. 

The Enoch Bayonet Fuse assembly must be used in series with a current limiting fuse, or isolation link, to prevent the possibility of a high current fault-even after replacement of a fuse link. Partial range current limiting fuses use the low current clearing capabilities of the Enoch Bayonet Fuse assembly while protecting the transformer or apparatus from high current internal faults that could cause failure to the specific piece of equipment, as well as other system damage..

Zhejiang ENOCH electric co.,ltd owns dozens of injection equipment,rubber mixing equipment and experimental equipment.Over the years, thanks to the support and love of new and old customers at home and abroad, our Bay-O-Net Assembly are exported to Europe and America, Middle East, South Asia and other dozens and regions, creating a good corporate image and reputation. Zhejiang ENOCH electric co.,ltd supply power products to numerous companies around the world, including domestic and foreign power bureaus.

The Bay-O-Net Assembly produced by Zhejiang ENOCH electric co.,ltd is a fully shielded and insulated termination for connecting underground cable to transformers, switchgear, and other apparatus equipped with loadbreak bushings, junctions, or other loadbreak connectors.The Enoch Bay-O-Net Assembly meets all the requirements of IEEE Standard 386 and is fully interchangeable with competitor's products and mating products that also meet IEEE Standard 386.


Product Specification and Ratings Overview

Rated maximum voltage kV

Rate lighting impulse withstand voltage kV

Terminal-to ground for all devices and Pole-to-pole for multi-pole devices


Power frequency dry-withstand Voltage test(kV, rms)

Power frequency dry-withstand Voltage test(kV, peak)
















All the parameters of the Bay-O-Net Assembly are in conformity with the requirements and qualified.


Product Features and Performance

The Bay-O-Net Assembly are molded using high quality sulfur-cured insulating and semi-conducting EPDM rubber. Standard features include a copper-top connector, tin-plated copper loadbreak probe with an ablative arc-follower tip and stainless steel reinforced pulling-eye. An optional capacitive test point, made of corrosion resistant plastic, is available for use with fault indicators.


Product Detail

1. HANDLE. Stick-operable handle with cam action seals and unseals fuse holder assembly and allows easy removal of fuse.

2. TAPERED FLANGE. 7°tapered flange retains gasket seal when compressed during assembly.

3. RUBBER SEAL. Multiple groove Nitrile rubber seal ensures reliable sealing.

4. FLAPPER VALVE(OPTIONAL). Flapper valve is open when then inner fuse cartridge holder assembly is inserted. The valve closes when the fuse holder is removed resulting in minimal oil spillage.

5. GASKET. Gasket on inside of tank ensures reliable sealing.

6. OUTER TUBE. Molded outer tube assembly of high temperature thermo-plastic withstands transformer operating temperatures and directs expulsion gases during fuse operation.

7. GAS PORTS. Expulsion gas ports release gases during fuse operation to prevent excess pressure on fuse holder and break up gas bubbles to prevent restrike.

8. FUSE CARTRIDGE. High strength fuse cartridge directs and contains gases during fuse operation. Tapered end contacts allow easy insertion and removal during switching.

9. CONTACT BUTTONS. Independent spring copper contact buttons press evenly on fuse and are highly resistant to annealing for reliable electrical connection and high current carrying capacity.

Ordering Information

The Bay-O-Net Assembly are packaged in a heavy duty polyethylene bag Each Kit contains:


Fuse holders+ fuse link


Shell+oil vessel

Please inform the sales staff of the Dimensional information, Current code and Voltage code you need before purchasing.

Sidewall Assembly Dimensional Information

Length (mm)








Current code

Rated current (A)





























Voltage Code

Rated voltage








Product Qualification

1. Excellent quality

Our Bay-O-Net Assembly are tested by third party power labs according to IEC standards.The company has obtained ISO9000 quality system certification and environmental protection certification.

2.Professional services

We have been doing advanced research in the field of Bay-O-Net Assembly manufacturing. In order to improve the quality and level of service, our personnel completed the QC training, and set up a special inspection department.

3.Powerful technology

Zhejiang ENOCH electric co.,ltd have own factory and have 20 years experience in power connection.

Our Service

Besides our existing products, we can produce various products according to customers' drawings or samples. In the early stage, we will communicate with you in detail. After the product is confirmed, we will give the customer a sample of the goods before production. When the customer confirms, we will carry out production. If have any quality problems, we will solve it.Our aim is to be honest, have sincerity and promise, harmonious and altruistic,that is why the customers choose and believe us.


Q1:Can you can design the connectors/bushings according to our size?


Q2:If OEM is acceptable?


Q3:Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

A3:We are a manufacturer.

Q4:How long is your delivery time?

A4:Base on the quantity.

Q5:Where is your factory located?

A5:Lishui city Zhejiang Province China.

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