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Busbar For Switchgear

Zhejiang ENOCH electric co.,ltd supply Busbar For Switchgear and other power products to numerous companies around the world, including domestic and foreign power bureaus. When the customer confirms, we will carry out production. By using custom switchgear bus bar systems, line voltage over-current protection and switching requirements within control panels can be easily met, providing a clean and reliable installation.

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Product Description

Busbar For Switchgear deliver the power from the incoming feeders to all the branch overcurrent protection circuits within your installation. When a circuit breaker or switch retrofit is required for your application, custom-designed switchgear bus bars may be used for easy installation of newer breaker frame sizes, switches, solid-state trip units, or other custom overcurrent protection.

Busbar For Switchgear deliver power from the external feeders to all the branch overcurrent protection circuits that are contained within the installation. Busbars provide a high safety factor and convenience, in comparison to traditional cabling and trunking which is more expensive and time consuming. The use of busbars offer numerous benefits to switchgear systems such as they are a compact design which require less space than traditional cabling systems, they do not require frequent replacement due to their durability, they distribute power effectively and they provide conductive properties and good protections from high temperatures.

Zhejiang ENOCH electric co.,ltd owns dozens of injection equipment,rubber mixing equipment and experimental equipment.Over the years, thanks to the support and love of new and old customers at home and abroad, our Busbar For Switchgear are exported to Europe and America, Middle East, South Asia and other dozens and regions, creating a good corporate image and reputation. Zhejiang ENOCH electric co.,ltd supply power products to numerous companies around the world, including domestic and foreign power bureaus.

The Busbar For Switchgear produced by Zhejiang ENOCH electric co.,ltd is a fully shielded and insulated termination for connecting underground cable to transformers, switchgear, and other apparatus equipped with loadbreak bushings, junctions, or other loadbreak connectors.

The Enoch Busbar For Switchgear meets all the requirements of IEEE Standard 386 and is fully interchangeable with competitor's products and mating products that also meet IEEE Standard 386. Tests conducted in accordance with IEEE/ANSI Standard 386. is Partial discharge minimum extinction boltage-11kV; AC 60Hz for 1min (kV crest)-34kV; Test Point Voltage Test.


Product Specification and Ratings Overview

Technical Specification

Test Item


Continuous operating voltage


AC withstand voltage


DC withstand voltage


1.5/50μs Impulse withstand voltage


<10PC Partial discharge voltage


All the parameters of the Busbar For Switchgear are in conformity with the requirements and qualified.


All associated apparatus must be de-energized during installation.

Please check the surface of connector dry and clean before installation.


Product Features and Performance

The Busbar For Switchgear are molded using high quality sulfur-cured insulating and semi-conducting EPDM rubber. Standard features include a copper top connector, tin-plated copper loadbreak probe with an ablative arc-follower tip and stainless steel reinforced pulling-eye. An optional capacitive test point, made of corrosion resistant plastic, is available for use with fault indicators.

·Certificated by ISO 9000

·100% Test before delivery

Switchgear is apparatus used for controlling, regulating and switching on or off the electrical circuit in the electrical power system, which is required where there is a high demand for more power. A switchgear consists of numerous devices including switches, fuses, a circuit breaker, an isolator, a current and potentially a transformer. A switchgear system is directly linked to the supply system and is situated in both the high and low voltage side of the power transformer. Switchgear is an essential system for industries that can experience electrical faults or those that require to regularly de-energise equipment for maintenance, such as electrical utilities. 

In addition, switchgear is directly linked to the supply system and based on the voltage level is classified as either low voltage switchgear (LV), medium voltage switchgear (MV) and high voltage switchgear (HV). These devices play an essential role in the power system to protect the equipment from the heavy current. Alternatively, the device may get damaged and the service will face interruptions. Switchgear provides many essential benefits such as manual control provision, fast operation and entire reliability.


Ordering Information

The Busbar For Switchgear are packaged in a heavy duty polyethylene bag Each Kit contains:


Standard Busbar For Switchgear Body








M16/M12 Two-head screw


Hexagonal socket wrench


Covering cap




Silicone lubricant


Cleaning Paper


Installation instruction sheet


Product Qualification

1. Excellent quality

Our Busbar For Switchgear are tested by third party power labs according to IEC standards.The company has obtained ISO9000 quality system certification and environmental protection certification.

2.Professional services

We have been doing advanced research in the field of Busbar For Switchgear manufacturing. In order to improve the quality and level of service, our personnel completed the QC training, and set up a special inspection department.

3.Powerful technology

Zhejiang ENOCH electric co.,ltd have own factory and have 20 years experience in power connection.

Our Service

Besides our existing products, we can produce various products according to customers' drawings or samples. In the early stage, we will communicate with you in detail. After the product is confirmed, we will give the customer a sample of the goods before production. When the customer confirms, we will carry out production. If have any quality problems, we will solve it.Our aim is to be honest, have sincerity and promise, harmonious and altruistic,that is why the customers choose and believe us.


Q1:Can you can design the connectors/bushings according to our size?


Q2:If OEM is acceptable?


Q3:Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

A3:We are a manufacturer.

Q4:How long is your delivery time?

A4:Base on the quantity.

Q5:Where is your factory located?

A5:Lishui city Zhejiang Province China.

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