Difference between cold shrink cable end and heat shrink cable end.


1. Cold shrinkable cable end
Cold shrinkable cable terminal is the use of elastomer materials (commonly used silicone rubber and ethylene propylene rubber) in the factory injection vulcanization molding, and then expanded, lined with plastic spiral support to form a variety of cable accessories parts. During field installation, these pre-expansion pieces are set on the end or joint of the treated cable, the plastic spiral strip (support) of the internal support is extracted, and the cable attachment is formed by pressing on the cable insulation.

Because it is at room temperature by elastic retraction force, rather than like heat shrinkable cable accessories to use fire heating shrinkage, so it is commonly known as cold shrinkable cable accessories. Early cold shrinkage cable terminal is only additional insulation using silicon rubber cold shrinkage parts, the electric field treatment is still using the stress cone type or stress tape wrapped type.

2. Heat shrink cable end
Heat shrinkable cable terminal head, commonly known as heat shrinkable cable head, is widely used in 35KV and below voltage level of crosslinked cable or oil-immersed cable terminal. Put the heat shrinkable accessories on, direct heating shrinkage can be done, the component heating shrinkage is the key link of the production quality of the heat shrinkable head. High power hair dryer or blowtorch can be used as heating tool. Lay the cable vertically before heating, which is conducive to heating operation and uniform shrinkage of components. Attention should be paid to heating:

The heating and shrinking temperature is ll0℃ to 120℃. Adjust the blowtorch flame to be a gentle flame of royal color, beware of high temperature blue flame.

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