Reasons for the use of silicone rubber in cold shrink cable accessories.


1. Silicone rubber has strong natural anti-aging ability and long service life.

2, The installation process is simple; Only common and simple special tools are needed for installation, and no equipment is required. According to the instructions, any ordinary electrician can install the fittings. Compared with other cable accessories, installing silicone rubber cold shrinkable cable accessories saves time and effort.

3. Wide application range, silicone rubber cold shrinkable cable accessories because it is made of silicone rubber as raw material; Therefore, it has strong pollution resistance, good hydrophobicity, excellent heat resistance and cold resistance, especially suitable for high altitude areas and cold areas, salt spray areas and heavy pollution areas are also quite suitable. Another advantage is the installation without the use of open flame, especially suitable for petroleum, chemical, non-ferrous, mineral and other flammable and explosive places.

4. Reliability of insulation; The silicone rubber used for manufacturing cable accessories is mixed with a certain amount of filler, which not only maintains the original insulation properties of the silicone rubber, but also enhances its elastic tear and tensile strength.

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