Cable plug head is an essential cable accessory in power engineering industry.


Cable plug is easy to operate. There are n front joints and at least one back joints in a set of plugs, all of which are T-shaped waterproof sleeve construction. The structure of the T - type waterproof sleeve mentioned here is the horizontal buried hole and the straight buried hole. One group is the horizontal direction of the front live connection, front joint, rear joint and rear joint. The front connector is equipped with a crimping terminal and a crimping terminal. The front power plug and the rear plug are connected with mechanical equipment through horizontal burials.

The plug, front and back, left and right live connections are prefabricated components in the factory. Access line dexterous, small size, compact structure, equipment technology is simple, high safety factor. Can be used in high voltage switchgear, cable branch and other places, suitable for indoor or suburban equipment.

Cable plug ends have many simple names, such as elbow joint, T joint, separable cable terminal equipment, etc.

Application rated voltage is concentrated in 10KV and 35KV two categories, application specifications are divided into European classical, modern American two categories.

Here is a detailed introduction to the most commonly used 10KV European classical cable plug head.

European classical cable plug processing technology advantages:
1. The use of full-load molding prefabricated components heat (cold) shrinkage technology and polymer material silica gel, the production of regulator tear flame retardant secret recipe.

2. Purpose: This terminal is connected with shield falling off anchor bolt, which is suitable for ring network high voltage switchgear, cable adapter box, European type box transformer (chemical crosslinked power engineering cable) access line terminal equipment. It is connected by flange with double insulated sleeve.

· The surface layer is a semi-conductive layer with practical shielding effect, which can be touched to ensure personal safety;

· The internal stress cone structure can reasonably evacuate the stress in the electrostatic field and solve the problem of cable shield fault.

· Expansibility, dexterous disassembly, can complete the cable T connection;

· Fully closed, fully insulated, fully safe protection, maintenance-free, flood control and pollution prevention.

Generally applicable to ring network power switch, high voltage cable support box, ring network cabinet and other access line terminal equipment and high voltage switch cabinet with waterproof sleeve, can simplify the field equipment prefabricated components and heat shrink professional skills, occupy a major position in the development trend of cable accessories. With the rapid development trend of our economic and social development, the infrastructure construction of electric power enterprises is increasing, and all kinds of commercial electricity and residential electricity consumption are expanding constantly, and the field of cable accessories is also booming. As the main member of cable fittings, plug is very important and plays a vital role in the field of power transmission and transformation engineering in our country and around the world.

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